Places of tourist Interests

These are few beautiful places near and around our hotel. You will love to visit these calm, cool and green places.


GUDAHANDI, where you found pre-historic age cave paintings, which are more than 15000 years old. This beautiful place is only 90 kms. from Bhawanipatna.


ASURGAD, ruins of fort of 3rd to 5th century B.C. Till date also we found silver coins of mouryan era and the oldest SHAKTI PITHA of Odisha.


CHHORIAGAD, here historians found the teeth and skull of man of old-stone age; it kept in Manikyapuri museum of Bhawanipatna.


YUGASAIPATNA, old capital city of Nag dynasty, ruins of royal palace is an attraction.


MARDIGUDA, birth place of river Indrabati. Three lines water started from a mango tree just after 40 kms it takes a giant look and Indrabati project is there. Speciality is that the line spreads same flow through out the year.


DOKRICHANCHRA, beautiful water fall. Water fall from 24 metres. create a heavenly look for the visitors.


PHULIJHARAN is a 16 meter high waterfall near Bhawanipatna. This waterfall is situated in the middle of a forest and is known for the multicoloured rainbow that can be seen here. It is an ideal picnic spot located 16 kms from Bhawanipatna.